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SeismicZone is the Online Data Brokerage

Powered by Katalyst Data Management, geoscience buyers and data owners can access and license seismic data in their area of interest via the SeismicZone data map, featuring more than:


of Interpretation Projects

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Quality inspect 2D and 3D seismic online

Virtual Seismic Data Brokerage

SeismicZone gives G&G buyers and sellers access to quality assured seismic data via a virtual seismic data brokerage. The online marketplace streamlines the process of sourcing 2D and 3D seismic data, providing a time and cost savings for geoscience buyers and data owners.

Whether licensing your data independently or through a broker, users can easily identify what data is available for quality inspection or purchase, and our automated online process ensures faster transactions.

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Market Your Seismic Data

Get more from your 2D and 3D seismic investment by marketing your proprietary data on the SeismicZone virtual brokerage. Geoscience sellers retain direct control over their assets, but increase revenue by reaching new buyers from the SeismicZone network.

Seismic data owners have access to Katalyst’s proven data management practices with the option to provide online quality inspection of their proprietary data for potential buyers.

Virtual Seismic Data Brokerage Map
AccuMap and SeismicZone Virtual Brokerage Data

AccuMap Data on SeismicZone

AccuMap seismic data is now on the SeismicZone virtual brokerage following a commercial agreement between Katalyst Data Management and IHS Markit.

The partnership brings over 4.7 million linear kilometers  of 2D and 440,000 square kilometers of 3D data, along with key parameter information to help select the right data for purchase.

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Canada Land Sale Postings

Canada Land Sale PostingsKatalyst Data Management has got you covered to start your bidding! Mark your calendars and download the latest Canada Land Sale Postings. The Land Sale postings will be updated monthly. Canada Land Sale Postings:                           ...

Merger and Acquisition Transaction Expertise Available on SeismicZone

Merger and Acquisition Transaction Expertise Available on SeismicZoneGet Your Seismic and Well Data Ready for Merger and Acquisition Processes Merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in oil and gas often involves marketing and disposing of subsurface data that is...

Seismic Data Ownership and Entitlements Webinar On-Demand

Seismic Data Ownership and Entitlements Webinar On-DemandSeismic data owners get insight into usage rights and how to work within data ownership Understanding your ownership and usage rights for your seismic and well data are critical components of protecting your...

More 2D and 3D Seismic Data, More Domains and New Markets on SeismicZone

More 2D and 3D Seismic Data, More Domains and New Markets on SeismicZoneNew Opportunities for US Data on SeismicZone. Get your proprietary 2D and 3D on the map. Your seismic data assets could be earning valuable return, if exposed to the right markets. We are excited...

Seismic Data Management Webinars On-Demand

Seismic Data Management Webinars On-DemandSeismic data management webinars feature a “hands-on” approach to data management Katalyst Data Management is pleased to introduce our Hands-On Data webinar series.  Hands-On Data webinars will feature one of our seismic...

Seismic Data Partnership Working for You – AccuMap and SeismicZone

Seismic Data Partnership Working for You – AccuMap and SeismicZoneOil and gas companies generate revenue through licensing seismic data via digital environments on AccuMap and SeismicZone Occasionally, most of us have probably worked from home in the past but...

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