Live Webinar Featuring SeismicZone and AccuMap Data on Virtual Brokerage

Working Online: Katalyst, IHS Markit & Your Data
Live Webinar on Wednesday, April 15th at 9am MST

Is working online allowing you to manage your data licensing needs? It can be especially challenging in this new environment to license proprietary seismic data when in-person meetings are no longer feasible.

More than ever, our industry will rely upon online transactions and communications. Join us to see how Katalyst and IHS Markit are working to change the paradigm for the online seismic data marketplace.

Join Trish Mulder with Katalyst Data Management and Merri Lloyd with IHS Markit to explore options for marketing proprietary seismic online as a potential revenue source, and expand visibility to potential buyers among SeismicZone and AccuMap users.

Watch the recording of this Zoom webinar at the link below:

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