Seismic Data Management Webinars On-Demand

Seismic data management webinars feature a “hands-on” approach to data management

Katalyst Data Management is pleased to introduce our Hands-On Data webinar series.  Hands-On Data webinars will feature one of our seismic data management consultants highlighting a hands-on approach to completing projects and achieving your seismic and well data management objectives.

All of the current and past webinars can be viewed from the Data Management Webinars On-Demand page on the Katalyst Data Management website.

These sessions cover a variety of topics and issues that oil and gas companies face managing volumes of seismic and well data with increasingly limited resources.

Topics in the Hands-On Data series include:

Each webinar will be a live session, with a recorded version made available on our webinar page following each live broadcast.

Our seismic data consultants are excited to share their knowledge with the industry, especially at a time of limited resources and opportunities for engaging with the data management community.  As seismic data owners and licensees, we hope that you will benefit from the knowledge shared and be able to implement some of the best practices in your subsurface data management programs.

For more details on our seismic data management consulting services, please contact us.

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