Seismic Data Ownership and Entitlements Webinar On-Demand

Seismic data owners get insight into usage rights and how to work within data ownership

Understanding your ownership and usage rights for your seismic and well data are critical components of protecting your subsurface assets. Perhaps your company recently acquired an asset, but what data rights came with it? Subsurface data entitlements and ownership are important to consider before you begin using your data.

Compliance with data entitlements requires you to only use data for a specific purpose and time frame. With increasing data volumes, keeping track of contracts, ownership and entitlement compliance is becoming more complex and challenging for energy companies.

View the webcast for this Hands-On Data webinar, featuring Trish Mulder taking a closer look at understanding your rights as a data owner and a data user, and how to ensure that your organization operates within those rights to protect your investment.

About the Speaker

Trish Mulder, Director of SeismicZone Business Development for Katalyst Data Management, is a seismic data expert with over 20 years of experience in data management at both E&P and service companies. Trish has a strong vision for the future of data transactions and compliance.

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Data quality, ownership and entitlements are important issues to consider when making your proprietary 2D and 3D seismic data available for license.  We are excited to be able to cover these topics and more in our new Hands-On Data Webinar series, where one of our subsurface consultants will present best practices and workflows to help you better manage your proprietary data and get it ready for the marketplace.  Each webinar will be available on-demand following a live session.  Visit the webinar page on the Katalyst website to register for the latest webinar or to view a past recording.

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