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Merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in oil and gas often involves marketing and disposing of subsurface data that is used to evaluate or market an oil and gas prospect. The M&A processes can be complicated and fast-moving, and it may benefit your company to have a specialist help with the subsurface data aspect of it.

The geoscientists and subsurface data managers behind have the experience of working on some of the largest M&A transactions in the E&P industry, and are ready to help companies navigate the challenges of M&A activity.

Seismic Data Ownership and Entitlements for Acquisition or Divestiture

Regrettably, data entitlements and transferring of data often get overlooked in an acquisition or divestiture, and this can have quite negative consequences and high penalty costs to rectify. Subsurface data used to support M&A activity requires a thorough review of the contract agreements. Oil and gas E&P companies need to determine ownership and obligations for their subsurface data if that data is going to be transferred to a third party.

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The geoscientists and data managers behind have many years of experience with preparing subsurface assets for mergers and acquisitions including contract review, data rooms, secure data delivery and more. In preparation for your M&A activity, contact us and we can help guide the process to ensure that your subsurface data assets are protected and prepared to get the most value for your organization.

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