SeismicZone Featured on Digitize the World Tour at EAGE London

This year’s EAGE Conference in London was the 81st annual meeting for the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers. As with many conferences over the past year, digital transformation for E&P data was a hot topic, and we are excited to present our signature solutions to guide companies through the “paper to digits” transition.

Digital Transformation Meets Seismic Data Marketplace

With a PPDM Gold Compliant iGlass database that manages over 40 petabytes of data, Katalyst Data Management is well positioned to begin marketing quality-checked proprietary seismic data to companies in the market for seismic data.  The online e-brokerage marketplace SeismicZone was featured at their EAGE booth as a solution for companies who want to go digital with the brokerage process, with a majority of the transactions conducted online.

Having a global presence in subsurface data management helps us navigate the challenges of marketing proprietary seismic data in various areas, and many participants at EAGE were interested to learn how SeismicZone can help them market data more efficiently and at a lower cost than traditional methods.

With instant quality check for registered users and a shopping cart style approach to seismic data licensing, users can easily use the SeismicZone e-brokerage marketplace to get data.

Digitize the World Tour

Since digital transformation is a hot topic everywhere, we’re taking the message for subsurface data management and seismic data marketing on the road at our Digitize the World Tour.  The tour includes trade shows and exhibitions around the globe where Katalyst Data Management will be demonstrating the opportunities and challenges of the digital transformation for subsurface data management and marketing.

To see the next stop for Katalyst and SeismicZone, visit the Digitize the World Tour page on the Katalyst website.

In the market for seismic data brokering?  If you want to learn more about how the SeismicZone e-brokerage marketplace can work for you, please contact us.

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